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CHILD: 0-14 years 儿童 0-14岁以下

Enrolled – free  注册病人- 免费

Not enrolled – $105 非注册病人-105新元

Saturday Consultations – $25 (currently closed on Saturdays) 周六就诊费用-25元(目前暂时周六不开诊)

There will be charges for children under 14 for services outside a normal consult, e.g prescriptions, referrals etc. 14岁以下儿童非正常就诊,比如说:开处方,推荐信等需要支付额外费用。

ADULT: 14 and over  成人:14岁及以上

Enrolled – $70 注册病人- 70新元

Enrolled with Community Service Card – $55  注册病人有社保卡- 55新元

Not Enrolled – $105  非注册病人- 105新元

Virtual and Phone Consultations – $70  在线和电话问诊- 70新元

ACC: 意外事故伤害

0-14 years – free 0-14岁及以下 – 免费

14 and over – $50 14岁及以上 – 50新元

ACC related wounds checks and dressings – free 意外事故伤害相关的伤口检查和护理-免费




Dr Wei Long



Wei graduated from Tongji Medical University in China in 2003. She has worked in Beijing as an emergency physician before moving to New Zealand. Wei became a registered doctor in New Zealand in 2010 and has since worked in Auckland, Wellington and Wairarapa. She finished her General Practice training in Wellington and gained her Fellowship in 2018. Wei strives to provide a holistic approach to her patients and believes that medicine is to be tailored to individual needs. She is always keen to listen to your story and offer options and solutions.

Dr. Long is actively expanding her knowledge and skills and fully enjoys the diversity and vibrancy of General Practice. She speaks fluent English and Mandarin.

Dr Wei is accepting new patients.

  • 轻度事故伤害处理

  • 避孕措施

  • 儿童健康

  • 疫苗注射

  • 疾病证明/事故伤害证明

  • 健康生活咨询

  • 全科医疗

  • 妇女健康

  • 男性健康

  • 青少年健康

  • 处方药

  • 旅行医疗建议和疫苗

  • 慢性病治疗

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